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About Us

About Tampa Locksmiths

Tampa Locksmiths is a leading locksmith and home and office security solutions. Many years we have been offering superior service for residents and businesses with trained and experienced technicians. We are a small family business, which constantly maintains technicians on call throughout Tampa to serve the needs of the public. We offer a number of services including:

  • Automobile Locksmith (Open cars, keys made from code, ignition repair)
  • Residential Locksmith (Houses, apartments, key copying, key changing, lock changing)
  • Commercial Locksmith (Offices, storefronts, office buildings)

What we do

Tampa Locksmiths maintains 24/7 locksmith services for the entire Tampa, Florida area. Our technicians are on call to provide assistance with:

  • Door Locks
  • Safe Locks
  • Vehicle Entry locks
  • Door Ignitions
  • Key Copying
  • Key-Switching
  • Lock Replacement
  • Making keys from codes

Why choose us

Our team is not only experienced and efficient - but are personable and trained in customer service.

  • Our main objective is to provide you with the absolute best service possible; and we offer services at a competitive low price that’s easy on your budget.
  • Our team is on call for speedy response; we come to your location with all of our equipment.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Your locks should definitely be changed to a new key, however this doesn’t mean you have to replace the entire lock. We can affordably rekey your locks - replacing the tumbler of the lock but leaving the external structure - making all previous keys ineffective on it.
Tampa Locksmiths services are mobile - our technicians come directly to your location to complete all their services. Our radio dispatch maintains locksmiths stationed on call across the city so that they can arrive at your location within 20 minutes. Our customer service representatives will write down your information, find the closest mobile locksmith van, and provide them with your information so they can complete the job as efficiently as possible
Experienced professional locksmiths are better skilled to solve custom security problems relevant to your particular situation. Our professional locksmiths have the knowledge to prescribe particular locks that work best for you, and offer the expertise for a professional effective installation.
In many cases, car keys can be remade from the code number of the lock. Many vehicles come with a lock number in their official registration; simply bring the number and proof of ownership, and we’ll make you a new lock
If they are all the same brand of lock, we can assign you a master key that opens every lock. We can also install systems with individually locking keys and a single master key

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